The Ukraine crisis: Adapting to an evolving crisis through partnerships.

As the war in Ukraine continues on, communities affected by the crisis are having to constantly adapt to new realities. In response, humanitarian action needs to be flexible, agile and responsive to people’s needs.

Since February 2022, Oxfam has been working with local Ukrainian NGOs to support communities who have been particularly affected by the conflict. Which communities and what type of support they need are changing over time.

In response to the humanitarian crisis, Oxfam has developed partnerships with local organizations, based within affected communities, who can adapt and respond to the changing environment and provide support to those who need it most. We are committed to upholding Oxfam’s values of supporting local humanitarian leadership, applying feminist principles and ensuring that our humanitarian assistance reaches the most marginalised communities.

During this next phase, the humanitarian response to the Ukraine crisis must ensure that it is reaching the most marginalised and those who have the most critical needs. To do this, the international humanitarian community must support greater local humanitarian leadership, investing in and supporting community-based organisations, particularly women’s rights organisations, to provide flexible and localised support to the communities.

We are incredibly grateful to the generosity of our supporters who have enabled us to reach over 1.88 million people in Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Moldova and provide them with critical humanitarian assistance since the escalation of war in February 2022.