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Perceptions of xenophobia and discrimination towards Venezuelan migrants in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

Publication date: 24 October 2019

More than 4.4 million people have left Venezuela as a consequence of a prolonged economic, political and social crisis; 2.8 million of them have migrated to other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, especially Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Meanwhile, more than 7 million people who have remained in the country are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection.

Between February and July 2019, Oxfam undertook a study3 that provides an insight into the perceptions, emotions and attitudes of people in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in relation to Venezuelan migration and the existence of xenophobic, patriarchal and stereotypical narratives towards migrants from Venezuela.

In particular, this report analyses and reveals the perceptions and fears that feed xenophobic, sexist and discriminatory stances towards migration, while also encouraging responsible, proactive and human communications and public policies based on evidence and fundamental rights in relation to the migration flows in the region.