Mrs. Sao Khea, 45, has three daughters and one son living Anlongklong zone, Kralanh village Kbal Trach commune, Krakor district, Pursat province.

Adapting to climate change, a resilience story from Cambodia

In Cambodia, recurrent draught periods and floods have become a major concern and a big challenge for many farmers. With support from a local organization funded by Oxfam, Mrs. Sao Khea, a Cambodian farmer learned about how to overcome these challenges and minimize the risks caused by climate change.

Right to Resilience: Adaptation finance in the post-2020 Paris Agreement

A commitment to increase and accelerate public finance is adaptation’s bottom-line.  Without it, the Paris agreement will be a mitigation deal for big emitters, not a climate change agreement for all. This briefing sets out Oxfam's demands on adaptation finance post 2020 that need to be agreed in Paris at the end of this year.


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