camps de réfugiés

  • Ayesha, réfugiée Rohingya, avec ses filles à l’intérieur de son abri dans le camp de Cox's Bazar, au Bangladesh. Crédit : Maruf Hasan/Oxfam

    Breaking barriers for Rohingya refugee women

    12 September 2018
  • Beatrice* lives in Imvepi Refugee Settlement with her husband and young baby.  Photo: Kieran Doherty /Oxfam

    The life of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda on hold: Beatrice's story

    1 August 2017
  • i_hear_you_video_series_440x300.jpg

    How does it feel to be a refugee? Hear their words

    6 December 2016
  • Fahda Bachir Mohamed, 27 ans, née dans le camp de réfugiés de Laâyoune. Aujourd’hui elle y travaille comme monitrice de sensibilisation en nutrition.

    Sahrawi refugee camps: a lifetime in exile

    26 February 2016
  • Muna*, 12, is a Syrian girl from Eastern Ghouta. She arrived in Za’atari with her family when she was just six years old.

    Life in Za’atari, the largest Syrian refugee camp in the world

    22 December 2015
  • Oxfam's reaction on WFP food cuts for Syrian refugees

    2 December 2014