Namonaro, land rights defender from Mozambique

Custodians of the land, defenders of our future

We are in the midst of the single biggest attack in the world today on people’s identity, rights, livelihoods and security, as well as our environment. They cannot afford to lose this fight, nor can we.

Phatthida Chanmany, 35 by a TDK8 rice field in Namai Village, Feung District, Vientiane Province, Laos. Credit: Tessa Bunney/Oxfam

Unfair Harvest : the state of rice in Asia

Small-scale producers grow most of the rice in Asia, playing a significant role in providing food security, jobs and income across the region. However, a combination of worsening inequality in food value chains and the crippling impacts of climate change is leaving rice farming systems at a critical juncture. These challenges threaten the future viability of rice production that underpins the livelihoods and primary food source for millions of people.
Caline and Theophile, small-hold farmers in rural Burundi. Photo: Lisa Murray/Oxfam

From drawings to reality: boosting agricultural production in Burundi

For Calinie and Theophile, like many small-hold farmers in rural Burundi, crop failures were once a fact of life due to limited agricultural knowledge, the extreme paucity of arable land and high levels of soil erosion. Thanks to an innovative farming approach supported by Oxfam, they increased in yields and incomes to ensure a better quality of life for their children, now aged six to 22 years.
A South Sudanese IDP in Wau town, Western Bahr El Ghazal State, South Sudan

For farmers facing hunger in South Sudan, food is the only currency

Decades-old tensions between local famers in Wau and pastoralists from neighboring areas ignited in late 2012, leaving thousands displaced. Many of those forced to flee are farmers who relied heavily on their land for income and from whom the people of Wau relied for food.

 A Mitr Lao tractor being used to harvest sugar cane in Xaiburi, Laos

Upholding the rights of small sugar cane farmers in Laos

The Mitr Pohl group is the largest Thai manufacturer and exporter of sugar. They made a huge promotion to local sugar cane farmers with strong figures but in reality many farmers ended up with huge debts, some are now being offered training and support by the Lao Federation of Trade Unions.

A woman waters her crops in Nanga, Laos

How organic farming is changing livelihoods in Laos

In Nanga, Laos, small farmers are struggling to sell their fruit and vegetables but under the guidance of an Oxfam partner, farming families have found a way to stand out from the crowd by organic farming.


Credit: Tom Pietrasik/Oxfam

We want a fairer and more sustainable global food system so that everyone has enough to eat, always.


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