global warming

global warming

EU Leadership or Losership?

The world, and most of all, its poor people, desperately needs a fair and safe climate deal to be agreed at the UN talks in Copenhagen in December.

Oxfam reaction to "timid" World Business Summit

Oxfam attended the World Business Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen, to get them to push governments for more ambition and specific targets to tackle climate change. The Summit reported back on May 26 with a disappointing result.

Major economies need to deliver major action

Leaders of the world’s major economies meeting in Washington must urgently address the action rich countries will take on global warming in order to revitalize international climate talks and tackle the serious climate impacts facing vulnerable developing countries.

Bonn 1: Action needed to close rich-poor climate divide

Climate talks in June will go nowhere unless rich countries close the gap between what scientists and poor countries say is needed and what they are prepared to deliver warned international agency Oxfam, as negotiations came to a close in Bonn today.


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