local leadership

local leadership

Karen Ramirez (center) meets with members of a national emergency coordination body in a community affected by a storm surge in El Salvador, in 2015.

Transforming the system of humanitarian response

Across the globe, armed conflicts are triggering crisis after crisis, and climate-related emergencies are on the rise. Oxfam is helping build a movement to shift power and resources into the hands of local humanitarian leaders.

A mother poses for a photo as she wraps her son in a mosquito net as a precaution against dengue fever, Peru

In a Peruvian town, local women lead the fight against dengue

In early 2015, Batán Grande, a town in the Peruvian region of Lambayeque, became a hotspot for dengue-a painful and sometimes fatal disease carried by mosquitos. Oxfam partner, CEPRODA MINGA, helped local community members create neighborhood public health outreach committees.

Two women crosss a bridge, Laos

Disaster preparedness in Laos

Laotian agriculture and cattle breeding are extremely sensitive for natural disasters and disaster management is crucial to sustainable livelihoods.
In December 2014, along with three other partner organisations, Oxfam began implementing a project to help strengthen disaster and risk reduction strategies in Vientiane province.

Miguel Siesquen is cleaning water pumps for use in flood emergencies in Illimo, Peru.

Rethinking humanitarian aid: the power of local leadership

All over the world local leaders are preparing and protecting their communities from humanitarian disasters. Oxfam is calling for more aid resources and decision-making to be invested where they should be: in the hands of local humanitarians in countries affected by disaster, conflict and other crises.

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