• Homes flattened, thousands in evacuation centers as powerful Tropical Cyclone Yasa strikes Fiji

    18 December 2020
  • Pango, Vanuatu: Local Pango store owner Melika Kaluat at her store during the Oxfam/Sempo/ConsenSys led Unblocked Cash Blockchain pilot. Credit: Keith Parsons/OxfamAUS


    24 June 2008
  •  Dorcus Hosea (39), Sunday school teacher. "When I conduct my lessons during rainy weather, we try to find a place in the church where rain can't reach us. But when the wind is strong and rain is heavy all the kids and their learning materials, all the books become wet and we have to cancel our class". Credit: Vlad Sokhin/Panos/OxfamAUS

    Solomon Islands

    12 June 2008