refugee and migrant crisis

  • Global Refugee Forum crucial moment to deliver on commitments

    16 December 2019
  • Fatem, refugee from Syria, was selected to go to Italy with her family through a humanitarian visas programme. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

    Refugee and migrant crisis

    9 December 2019
  • Oxfam's response to Global Refugee Forum: World leaders need to do more to deliver real change for refugees

    19 December 2019
  • A child in the ‘Olive Grove’ section of the Moria ‘hotspot’ camp in Lesvos, Greece. Giorgos Moutafis/Oxfam

    No-Rights Zone

    6 December 2019
  • NGOs alert French prosecutor over illegal detention and push-backs at French-Italian border

    15 July 2019