• Amina (50) is the mother of 12 children. She is from Qararo. She arrived in the Gunagado displacement camp in 2017 after the drought killed her family's cattle and an outbreak of disease (probably cholera) endangered her family.

    Climate and food crisis in East and Central Africa

    20 February 2020
  • Champa (22) is standing in her parent's house which has been vanished overnight during cyclone Bulbul. Ramzannagar, Sathkhira.

    5 natural disasters that beg for climate action

    14 November 2013
  • ogb_105423_somaliland_drought_nimo_440x300.jpg

    Drought in East Africa: “If the rains do not come, none of us will survive”

    26 April 2017
  • ogb_105375_somaliland_drought_ardo_220x150.jpg

    A climate in crisis

    26 April 2017
  • We are learning how to manage our crops better,” say farmers Malvin Ortiz and Felipe Martínez, “and we are teaching our children how to do it, too.” Now, the future is looking more hopeful.

    Building resilience to drought in El Salvador

    27 July 2016
  • A mother gives her son a drink of water from an Oxfam tank in Ethiopia

    A preventable crisis

    17 July 2016
  • Habodo outside her shelter with two of her children, Habiiba* (3 ½ months) and Saafi* (6), near Bisle, Siti Zone, Ethiopia.

    Drought and Displacement: how people are surviving in Ethiopia

    16 February 2016
  • El Niño: The case for urgent action

    El Niño: The case for urgent action

    16 December 2015