Our finances and accountability

Ulita Mutambo’s husband Muchineripi Sibanda helps her hang up laundry outside their home in Ture Village, Zvishevane region, Zimbabwe.  Credit: d'Unienville/Oxfam

Overall, the confederation reported a surplus of €99.1M for FY 2021–22, a strong financial result following the impact of the Covid pandemic during the past two years. Higher income, particularly related to our trading operations, enabled us to strengthen our financial position in order to create greater impact in the future.

Income & Expenditure - the ins and outs

Oxfam International and all affiliates have worked together to strengthen Oxfam’s finances over the past 12 months following the impact of Covid-19. The focus during FY2021–22 has been to grow our income whilst ensuring strong financial management of our costs. Re-opening of shops enabled increased income to offset fixed shop expenditure, which has been a critical part of the overall confederation recovery.


Total income


Total expenditure


Excess of Income over Expenditure

Where the money comes from

Over 90% of our funding comes from institutional and public fundraising.

Our reach and scale

Where we spend your money: the top 23 countries

We work with people, communities, partners, and allies on six continents building a better future for all.

Where your money goes

Of every 1 Euro donated to Oxfam, 68c are spent on our programs; 12c are spent on our trading operations; 11c are invested in future fundraising; and 9c are spent on our management and administration.

Our commitment to accountability

One of the underlying purposes of coming together as Oxfam International is to spend less and achieve more. 

As an organization, we are committed to holding ourselves accountable and being transparent in all areas of our work; including to our donors and beneficiaries on how we spend your money. It is only by reviewing our spending against results that we can learn and do even better in the future.

Our review processes and internal control systems are carried out by professionally qualified staff. We run real time evaluations and thorough program reviews, we welcome discussion and input from all quarters. To examine our spending, results, and evaluation processes more closely download our annual report and our Program Evaluation.