7.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Turkiye

Earthquake in Turkey

Oxfam is on the scene in Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria and is working around the clock to get aid and support to those affected. We are working with partners to assess and mobilise humanitarian efforts to aid those affected by the devastating earthquakes that hit the region on 6 February 2023 – an area three times the size of Belgium. Tens of thousands have died and the number keeps rising while others are severely injured. Many are now homeless, forced to sleep in their cars or outside in the bitter winter cold. Emergency shelters are overcrowded and overwhelmed.

Oxfam, together with our partners in Turkiye (Turkey) and Syria, is working to reach nearly 2 million people – 10 percent of the affected population – with aid and support so that they can rebuild their lives. Oxfam will provide protection, water and sanitation, shelter, and food support, and in the longer term, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Your help will go towards aiding survivors of this earthquake to rebuild their lives.

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