Tokelau, is a Polynesian nation in political association with New Zealand. Isolation, inadequate infrastructure, limited natural resources, depopulation and natural disasters all pose development challenges, meaning aid and remittances from New Zealand are crucial. Climate change is a serious threat to the existence of many communities across the island. To help combat this and set an example to the world, Tokelau has become the first country to derive 100% of its energy needs on renewables.

Tokelau has the smallest economy of any country in the world with just one ship visiting three times a month and no airline.

Tokelau is predominantly a lower-middle income nation but have far higher incomes than other Polynesian countries as a result of stronger private sectors, well-developed commercial agriculture, and extensively developed tourist industries. Tokelau also has one of the highest proportion of formal sector employees in the Pacific and compared with other Pacific Island Countries, it has a larger number of employees in manufacturing and a smaller number in public and community services. Agriculture accounts for a significant proportion of total exports along with fish and

Oxfam in Tokelau

Oxfam is reinforcing its relationships with regional civil society organizations and local Red Cross societies to help support the islands in the event of a natural disaster.