Covid-19 vaccine: demand protection for everyone

The People's Vaccine Alliance at G7

Publicity stunt at the 2021 G7 summit featuring 'big heads' of the political leaders in a tussle over a giant syringe. Photo: Andy Aitchison/The People’s Vaccine Alliance

Our best chance of ending the Covid-19 pandemic is to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to vaccines, free of charge. This will only be possible with a transformation in how vaccines are produced and distributed.

The Covid-19 vaccines are owned by big pharmaceutical corporations who are refusing to share the science and tech that could speed up affordable mass production and distribution for the entire planet. This is despite that science being paid for by taxpayers around the world. 

We need a people’s vaccine, not a profit vaccine

Pharma corporations should not be allowed to dictate who lives and who dies. They are protecting their monopolies and putting up barriers to restrict production and drive up prices, leaving us all in danger.

No one company can produce enough for the whole world. So long as vaccine solutions are kept under lock and key, there won’t be enough to go around.

We have already lost too many lives because of rich country inaction – but if we move fast and put the interests of global supply of vaccines over the profits of pharmaceutical corporations, we can save hundreds of thousands more.

People from around the world are calling for a #PeoplesVaccine, available to all, everywhere, free of charge. Join them!

We are calling on governments and pharmaceutical corporations to:

  • Suspend patent rules at the World Trade Organisation on Covid-19 vaccines, treatments and testing during the pandemic
  • Openly share vaccine technology and know-how and join the World Health Organisation Covid-19 Technology and Access Pool