Humanitarian Policy Notes


Oxfam's humanitarian policy notes set out our learning on a wide range of issues affecting humanitarian action around the world.

They are the best place to find short summaries of Oxfam's experience and views on global humanitarian issues. The current titles cover subjects directly affecting practical humanitarian action, including funding, coordination, and the sometimes controversial roles of the private sector and foreign military forces - as well as broader issues of concern to humanitarian workers, including disaster risk reduction, peacekeeping, the responsibility to protect and the International Criminal Court.

Our humanitarian policy notes are designed as short summaries - mostly of no more than four pages - for humanitarian practitioners in NGOs, UN agencies and governments, as well as students, researchers and others interested in the rapidly changing world of humanitarian action.

They complement Oxfam's more detailed humanitarian research and policy, and our papers on specific humanitarian crises.

  1. Humanitarian accountability - English | Español
  2. Food aid - English | Español
  3. UN Peacebuilding Commission - English | Español
  4. The European Union's role in protecting civilians in conflict - English | Español | Français
  5. The International Criminal Court - English | Español
  6. Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration - English | Español | Français
  7. The Provision of Aid by Military Forces - English | Español
  8. Humanitarian funding - English | Español
  9. Multi-Dimensional Military Missions and Humanitarian Assistance - English
  10. United Nations Integrated Missions and Humanitarian Action - English
  11. Disaster Risk Reduction - English
  12. Social Protection - English
  13. The Private Sector and Humanitarian Relief - English | Español
  14. The Accountability of National Security Forces to Civilians - English | Español
  15. The Role of UN Peacekeeping Missions in the Protection of Civilians - English | Español
  16. Oxfam's Role in Humanitarian Action - English | Español | Français
  17. Civil Society in Fragile and Conflict-affected States - English
  18. Gender Issues in Conflict and Humanitarian Action - English
  19. Violence against Women and Girls in Emergencies - English
  20. Oxfam Minimum Standards for Gender in Emergencies - English
  21. Conflict Transformation: Transforming cultures of violence to overcome injustice and poverty - English
  22. Humanitarian Key Facts - English