Almost 4 million refugees and asylum seekers flee to conflict countries

Published: 14th September 2016

Close to four million refugees and asylum seekers have fled from one conflict zone to another, Oxfam said today ahead of two summits on migration in New York next week. Oxfam analysis shows that these millions of vulnerable women, men and children were registered in 15 countries - having fled their own - where conflict had caused a total of 161,250 deaths. That’s almost 16 percent of all people who have fled violence, persecution or war at home as they have ended up in another country that is itself in conflict or in a state of insecurity.

Oxfam is calling on all governments attending these two summits to agree to sharing responsibility for those forced to flee their homes, and protect all people on the move.  Each country needs to be part of the solution to welcome and protect refugees.


Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of Oxfam International, said:  “So many people are fleeing from conflicts to only to end up in another. With a few notable exceptions, rich nations are the most resistant to welcoming and helping refugees, offering their usual rhetoric instead of solutions.


“With more people than ever fleeing violence and persecution, we need an ambitious response from leaders to ensure these women, men and children can live in peace and safety. Until governments show the political will to address the root causes of war and violence, we are just going to see forced displacement continue.”


Figures for 2015 show that 65 million people have fled their homes because of violence, war, persecution and conflict - more than at any time since records began. And while the majority have stayed in their own countries, over 20 million have tried to find a safe haven in another.


Notes to editors

1. The United Nations Summit for Refugees and Migrants takes place on 19th September. On 20th September, the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees will be hosted by Barack Obama. 

2. Download Oxfam’s report: Different Conflict, Same Crisis


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