Climate talks close in Bonn

Published: 17th June 2011

As the latest United Nations climate change negotiations being held in Bonn, drew to a close today, Tim Gore, Oxfam's climate change policy advisor said;

"The Green Climate Fund established in Cancun offers the hope that poor countries will have access to the resources they need to fight climate change. But that hope could be dashed unless big strides are taken in Durban to ensure the new Fund will not be an empty shell. In the past two weeks of talks, discussions on mobilising money for the Green Climate Fund have barely begun and the current commitments to fund climate action in poor countries in 2013 is zero.

Critically, the United States have done their best to block any meaningful discussion on the sources of climate finance from 2013 to 2020 and beyond.

President Obama has often spoken of the 'international obligations' of nations. It is critical that the US follow this same standard and work with the rest of the world to take steps now to meet the $100bn per year climate finance commitment first announced by Secretary of State Clinton in Copenhagen.

There is no excuse for holding back on mobilizing the resources needed to help farmers in poor countries adapt to a warming world, the food security of their children is at stake.

The Durban climate conference later this year can't just be a fire-fighting exercise. It must address the big issues post 2012, including the future of the Kyoto Protocol and the provision of climate cash from 2013.  The low hanging fruit was plucked at Cancun last year but it is crucial that nations meeting in Durban later this year - guided by bold South African leadership - reach for the higher branches".

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