Developing countries want to be part of global solution to tax dodging - OECD must ensure their voices are heard

Published: 1st July 2016
 Responding to the announcement that 82 countries - including many developing countries - have signed up to implement the OECD’s BEPS agreement to tackle corporate tax avoidance, Susana Ruiz, Oxfam’s policy advisor on tax said: “A large number of developing countries have signed up to implement the BEPS agreement because corporate tax abuse is a huge problem for them.  Poor countries lose more then $100 billion a year because of tax dodging – money which is desperately needed to pay for healthcare and education. “The OECD has finally recognised that corporate tax dodging can only be tackled if all countries work together to find a solution. Now that all countries are in the room together they must agree a further package of tougher measures to ensure companies pay their fair share of tax.   “The BEPS plan is better than no plan but it barely scratches the surface of the problem - a second round of reform is needed,” added Ruiz.  

Notes to editors

 Countries and jurisdictions which have agreed to implement BEPS: 1. Argentina 2. Aruba 3. Australia 4. Austria 5. Bangladesh 6. Belgium 7. Benin 8. Brazil 9. Brunei Darussalam 10. Bulgaria 11. Burkina Faso 12. Cameroon 13. Canada 14. Chile 15. China (People’s Republic of) 16. Colombia 17. Congo 18. Costa Rica 19. Croatia 20. Curaçao 21. Czech Republic 22. Denmark 23. Democratic Republic of the Congo 24. Egypt 25. Eritrea 26. Estonia 27. Finland 28. France 29. Gabon 30. Georgia 31. Germany 32. Greece 33. Guernsey 34. Haiti 35. Hong Kong (China) 36. Hungary 37. Iceland 38. India 39. Indonesia 40. Ireland 41. Isle of Man 42. Israel 43. Italy 44. Japan 45. Jersey 46. Kenya 47. Korea 48. Latvia 49. Liberia 50. Liechtenstein 51. Lithuania 52. Luxembourg 53. Malta 54. Mexico 55. Monaco 56. Netherlands 57. New Zealand 58. Nigeria 59. Norway 60. Pakistan 61. Papua New Guinea 62. Paraguay 63. Poland 64. Portugal 65. Romania 66. Russia 67. San Marino 68. Saudi Arabia 69. Senegal 70. Sierra Leone 71. Singapore 72. Slovak Republic 73. Slovenia 74. South Africa 75. Spain 76. Sri Lanka 77. Sweden 78. Switzerland 79. Turkey 80. United Kingdom 81. United States 82. Uruguay The BEPS measures make a first step towards strengthening existing rules on tax avoidance and provide tax authorities with some additional tools to identify corporate tax cheats.  However the package of measures does not provide the coherent and comprehensive set of reforms that are needed. For example it will not put an end to tax havens, it will not force multinational companies pay tax where they do business, and it will not prevent harmful tax competition which is driving down corporate tax rates across the globe. 

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