Global Compact on Refugees is major achievement but concrete change now needed

Published: 17th December 2018

Oxfam joins in welcoming the endorsement of the Global Compact on Refugees today, but warned that this groundbreaking document will only make a difference it if is translated into concrete action. The endorsement of the Compact follows years of tireless work by world leaders, international organizations and refugee advocates whose voices have truly been a driving force in developing this document. 

Sarnata Reynolds, Oxfam’s Policy Advisor on Global Displacement & Migration, said: “With more than 25 million refugees around the globe today, we need the leadership, compassion and solutions embodied in the Global Compact more than ever. Among the Compact’s key achievements is the recognition that displaced women and girls have specific needs to be addressed in refugee and host communities – for example, its specific commitments to ensure their meaningful participation and leadership, security and safety, and access to education and livelihoods. However, the Global Compact is not a legally binding agreement, and its words are only meaningful if they lead to concrete policy and practice change by governments. 

Mohammed Badran, Founder & Director of Syrian Volunteers in the Netherlands (SYVNL), said: “The Global Compact on Refugees is certainly not perfect, but together with other refugee activists I consider today’s endorsement a major accomplishment because we were able to participate meaningfully in the process and we stand by the outcome. This final Compact recognizes that refugees must be at the centre of decision-making to ensure that aid and development programs are delivered effectively for our communities. I look forward to continuing this work to make sure leaders follow through with the commitments they made today.”

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