Jim Kim to stand down as President of World Bank

Published: 7th January 2019

Responding to the announcement that Jim Kim is stepping down as President of the World Bank from 1st February 2019 before the expiry of his term in 2022, Nadia Daar, Head of Oxfam’s Washington Office said:

“President Kim leaves a lasting legacy, including his commitments on climate change which we hope to see comprehensively implemented, and his leadership in pushing for greater investments in human development. His most important achievement was refocusing the World Bank on the twin goals of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity. Yet there is a long way to go before these commitments are realised and we hope the next president will ensure the World Bank doubles down on tackling poverty and inequality.”

“We wish Kristalina Georgieva the best of luck in her role as interim president. The highest priority for her and the Board must be to implement the agreements made in 2011 for an open, transparent and merit-based selection process for Kim’s successor. This is particularly important considering the problematic process for approving Jim Kim’s second term.”

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