Malpass nomination to head the World Bank concerning, says Oxfam

Published: 5th February 2019

In reaction to President Trump’s reported selection of David Malpass as the US nominee for World Bank president, Nadia Daar, Head of Oxfam International’s Washington Office, made the following statement:

“The selection of David Malpass as the US nominee for World Bank president is concerning. Mr. Malpass has yet to demonstrate his commitment and vision for addressing many of the great global challenges of our time.

“As the process continues, we look forward to hearing how Mr. Malpass views the World Bank's role in tackling the urgent climate crisis, how he intends to address economic and gender inequality that threaten progress on ending extreme poverty, and how he will work with stakeholders in recipient countries to ensure development interventions do not harm or exclude but rather work for women and vulnerable communities first.

“The World Bank has made a commitment to ending the gentleman's agreement of a de facto US-selected president, so we are now looking forward to a transparent and truly competitive process, with multiple other candidates in the running, and a public debate among the top candidates.

“Given the importance of this position, especially for the world’s poorest, we must all work to ensure that the next World Bank president is truly fit for the job.”

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