Oxfam aid team witnesses utter destruction in northern Philippines

Published: 10th November 2013

Our team of aid experts assessing the level of Haiyan typhoon damage in Daanbantayan the northern-most tip of Cebumainland said today that nearly all the houses and buildings were damaged, power lines were down and there was no electricity in the entire municipality. The team spoke of seeing children begging for help, holding up signs that read:

“Help. We need water, food and medicines.”

Roads to the area were hardly passable with trees and the wreckage of houses lining the highway.

Local officials said that 98 per cent of the houses and structures in the municipality were damaged. This included the town hall and a cultural center which had served as an evacuation center but had itself had to be evacuated due to the level of damage.

The town’s major told the team that the people needed water for drinking, food, medicines and emergency shelter.

“The scene is one of utter devastation. There is no electricity in the entire area and no water. Local emergency food stocks have been distributed but stocks are dwindling. The immediate need is for water, both for drinking and cleaning,” said Tata Abella-Bolo, a member of our emergency team in Cebu.

The scene is one of utter devastation.
Tata Abella-Bolo
Oxfam emergency team member, Philippines

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