Oxfam announces external investigation into financial irregularities in its flood relief program in Sindh

Published: 6th June 2011

Oxfam's regular monitoring processes have found financial irregularities in an Oxfam program for flood relief in Sindh, Pakistan.

Oxfam takes transparency and accountability extremely seriously. As a result, an independent, external financial audit is currently taking place. Oxfam will not be making any further financial commitments until the investigation has been completed.

While the investigation is ongoing, it would be unfair to name any partners who may have been involved. However, Oxfam GB will use every means to recover any money found to be missing. The financial irregularities initially identified, even if confirmed, would represent less than two per cent of Oxfam’s emergency flood response spending in Pakistan.

Oxfam is committed to upholding the strictest and most rigorous financial controls and ensuring its program is being delivered in a transparent and accountable manner. Oxfam’s own internal monitoring and auditing system identified the financial irregularity currently being investigated.

Oxfam’s priority is to ensure that donors’ money is spent effectively and that it provides the support expected and committed to poor people in Pakistan. We are conducting this investigation to allow us to continue to be accountable to the communities that we work with, and ensure improved service delivery in the future.

Oxfam GB will issue further information at the conclusion of the investigation.

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