Oxfam applauds Muslim leaders’ climate change call to action

Published: 18th August 2015

In response to today’s publication of the Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change at the International Islamic Climate Change Symposium in Istanbul, Lies Craeynest, Food and Climate Justice lead at Oxfam International, said:

“Today’s declaration is an unprecedented call by Muslim leaders to end the destruction of Earth’s resources. It follows the recent encyclical issued by Pope Francis - the head of the Catholic Church - which warned of the need to prevent catastrophic climate change and stem growing inequality.

“Muslim leaders single out wealthy nations and oil producing states to lead on a fossil fuel phase out and provide support to those less well off to curb emissions and adapt to a changing climate. They also call on big business to stop their relentless pursuit of growth, change their extractive models and provide greater benefits for people and the climate.

"As leaders of the two largest global faiths express grave concern about our fragile climate, there is no justifiable way political leaders meeting in September and December can put the interests of the fossil fuel industry above of the needs of people, particularly the poorest, and of our planet.”

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