Oxfam calls on all actors in Venezuela to avoid further undermining of the rights and well-being of the population

Published: 8th February 2019

Due to the increasing complexity of Venezuela’s political conflict, in the midst of an important social and economic crisis, Oxfam calls on all the actors involved to take the following points into account:

  • We warn about the risks of the politicization of aid, and of the danger this may pose to those it is directed to if it is not based on technical criteria, objectives and the principles of humanity, impartiality and independence.  
  • We call for the immediate initiation of an inclusive, truthful and effective process of political dialogue so that the rule of law may be recovered, in accordance with the country’s constitution.   
  • The Government and its security forces must respect the population’s legitimate right to demonstrate, guaranteeing the security and integrity of all of the actors involved. Repression, violence and the use of force are unacceptable.  
  • Reduce tensions between the parties and ensure full respect for human rights. Avoid any action that could result in violence or armed confrontation. A solution to the conflict must be negotiated and peaceful.
  • The international community must recognize the various actors, call for dialogue, and avoid any intervention or interference that could result in increased tensions between Venezuela’s citizens.

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