Oxfam condemns cancellation of legal registration of the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights

Published: 13th December 2018

Oxfam condemns the Nicaraguan National Assembly’s decision yesterday to cancel the legal registration of the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (CENIDH), the country’s most prominent human rights organization.
“No context justifies cancelling the legal registration of organizations defending human rights. Such measures increase the vulnerability of Nicaragua’s citizens in the face of growing human rights violations and abuses committed by the Nicaraguan government, and further distance us from the possibility of reaching a solution to the crisis in the country,” said Simon Ticehurst, Oxfam Regional Director in Latin America and the Caribbean.
“We are gravely concerned by increasing attacks on and threats against civil society in Latin America. Organizations complying with the law, their mandate and objectives are being criminalized. It is the duty of States to preserve and protect civil society, not attack it,” added Ticehurst.

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