Oxfam reaction to 2021 UN Humanitarian Needs Overview for Yemen

Published: 24th February 2021

Commenting on the 2021 Humanitarian Needs Overview for Yemen Muhsin Siddiquey, Oxfam’s Country Director in Yemen, said: “The number of Yemenis in need is truly overwhelming, but we must remember that behind each of these statistics, there is a story of individual human suffering.  The current conflict in Marib – previously a safe haven – means more humanitarian aid is urgently needed as we see people who have already fled danger multiple times being forced to flee again.

At next week’s donor conference,  the international community needs to step up to generously fund support for Yemenis as well as to guarantee safe access for humanitarian workers.  Last year the UN appeal was woefully underfunded leaving many Yemenis with no assistance. 

Yemenis urgently need aid but they also urgently need an immediate ceasefire and a successfully negotiated end to hostilities so families can concentrate on the future rather than simply surviving each day.”

Notes to editors

Oxfam is concerned that the methodology behind these figures has changed this year, and that they don’t include communities that are most difficult to reach

Download the Yemen – Humanitarian Needs overview 2021.

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