Oxfam Reaction to Malta's UN Security Council Resolution on Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Published: 15th November 2023

Reacting to the vote on Malta’s resolution, Oxfam America President and CEO Abby Maxman said:  

“Today’s resolution does show important progress in the Council in an effort to uphold international law. But at a time when a full cessation of hostilities is required, it falls far short by calling only for extended humanitarian pauses and corridors. Those are not nearly enough while the violence and siege continue. Even as hospitals are bombarded and the UN warns that their fuel supplies for aid have run dry, it is a bitter disappointment that UN Security Council members are still not able to vote for a ceasefire in Gaza.

“Without stronger action, some Security Council members are betraying their responsibility to prevent threats to the peace, as outlined in the UN Charter. Their lack of courage is preventing the Council from bringing an end to the immense death, injury and destruction being inflicted upon Gaza.  

“The world is watching the Council closely and demanding that they lead in the push to end this brutal war. We continue to urge an immediate ceasefire, armed groups to release their hostages, and Israel to fully restore humanitarian aid and basic services that are urgently needed across the Gaza Strip.”

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