Oxfam reaction to President Obama’s climate plan announcement

Published: 25th June 2013

In response to President Obama’s climate plan announcement scheduled for this afternoon Gawain Kripke, research and policy director for Oxfam America said:
“Leadership to tackle the current and future threat climate change poses to our health, safety and security is welcome and overdue. These threats are faced most acutely by the poorest people on the planet in communities like Wilcox County, Alabama and Kalbiron, Senegal, a country the President will visit this week. President Obama’s focus on climate change is essential to do more than change the conversation or reframe the debate. In the face of Congressional inaction, his administration must not waver in delivering on and strengthening global commitments to support and empower the most vulnerable people and to reduce harmful greenhouse emissions. Farmers experiencing droughts from East Africa to West Texas and coastal communities facing extreme weather from the Gulf Coast to Haiti cannot wait for the political winds to catch up to the real and current danger that is plain for all to see.”

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