Oxfam response to the escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip

Published: 11th May 2023

In response to the escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip with Israeli airstrikes killing 21 Palestinians, closing key crossings and barring critical supplies from entering Shane Stevenson, Oxfam OPTI Country Director said:

“Civilians in Gaza are once again paying the price for the failures of political leaders to negotiate a just solution and lasting peace for Palestinians and Israelis. Instead, we are witnessing yet another cycle of death, damage, and destruction that brings us no closer to addressing the root causes of the crisis and is driving further human rights violations, poverty and suffering, particularly for a generation of children and young Palestinians.“. 

“The UNSC, convening today, must call upon the Government of Israel to end all violence and immediately open crossings to ensure movement of people, and humanitarian and medical relief items into the Gaza Strip. While they fail to act Palestinians in Gaza remain trapped, under siege, and with nowhere to flee for safety”.

Photo Credit: Mohammed Zaanoun (May 10, 2023).

Photo Credit: Mohammed Zaanoun (May 10, 2023).

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