Oxfam team ready to respond in Tsunami-affected areas following massive Japan earthquake

Published: 11th March 2011

Daniel Gorevan, Humanitarian spokesperson of Oxfam said:

“We remain worried about the impact waves may have on small island states such as Tuvalu or Samoa. We have several teams and partner organisations in region that are following the situation on the ground. Given these states are low lying and populations are spread out over many islands, even relatively small waves have the potential to be very damaging and complicate any humanitarian response.

“It seems that the tsunami has not affected the Philippines and Indonesia for the moment, although they may still be hit by second and third waves soon.

“Oxfam is in a position to respond in these countries if required.”

Contact information

Ian Bray  +44 7721 461339 in the UK

Louis Belanger  +1 917 224 0834 in Brussels on US cell phone