Oxfam's reaction to the Security Council failure to renew the Syria cross-border resolution

Published: 21st December 2019

In reaction to recent developments at the UN Security Council regarding the cross-border resolution for Syria, Oxfam said:

“The UN Security Council failure to renew the cross-border resolution puts the lives of millions of Syrians at risk.  Families in great need, many of whom have been forced to flee multiple times during the crisis, rely on the aid provided by UN cross-border operations. Without the resolution renewal, there is no realistic way of reaching hundreds of thousands of these families caught in fire, which risks leaving them abandoned at a time of great need.  Members of the Security Council must urgently return to discussions and ensure that all people in need across Syria can get humanitarian assistance in the most effective way possible.”

Contact information

For further information, please contact Nadine Mazloum, Syria Crisis Media Adviser, Oxfam on +961 81 315 198   NMazloum@oxfam.org.uk