Paris Agreement now in force: a defining moment in fight against climate change

Published: 4th November 2016
Today, the Paris Agreement entered into force after being ratified by nearly 100 nations.  Isabel Kreisler, Oxfam International's climate change expert, said:  "This is a historic moment, and a sign that world leaders are willing to put aside differences and work together towards overcoming the threat of climate change. "It's now time to roll up our sleeves and focus on strengthening the Agreement and make it work for everyone. Oxfam yesterday highlighted how only a small fraction of climate financial assistance is actually reaching those who need it most. This is an extremely pressing issue, as climate change-related disasters are already wreaking havoc and destroying lives around the world.   "The job is far from done. Negotiators meeting in Marrakech next week have to tackle this and other sticking points, like deciding how to curb greenhouse gas emissions further." 

Notes to editors

Read The Climate Finance Shadow Report 2016,” Oxfam's latest tally of international climate finance.

With current emission cut pledges, the world is still on track to a 3 degree temperature increase. The Paris Agreement urges countries to limit warming to 1.5 degrees. 

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