Philippe Le Houérou appointed to lead the International Finance Corporation

Published: 11th November 2015
In reaction to the World Bank's appointment of Phillipe Le Houérou as the new CEO of the International Finance Corporation, Nicolas Mombrial, head of Oxfam International's office in Washington D.C., said: “Phillipe Le Houérou’s strong background working in international development could be just what the IFC needs to finally make ending poverty, and not just signing business deals, their top priority. “While the IFC’s social and environmental standards have been strengthened recently, they’re still being ignored with troubling frequency. Le Houérou’s success will ultimately be judged on whether or not he drives change forward and takes decisive actions needed to prevent the IFC’s past failures from happening again." 

Notes to editors

Earlier this year, Oxfam published “The Suffering of Others,” a report detailing the serious human rights abuses linked to the IFC’s “hands-off” lending practices. 

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