REACTION: South Sudan unity government is only the first step towards sustainable peace

Published: 22nd February 2020

In reaction to the formation of a new South Sudan unity government today, Elysia Buchanan, Oxfam South Sudan’s Campaign Manager said:

“We welcome the decision to form a unity government as an important first step in South Sudan’s journey towards sustainable peace, but it cannot be the last. We hope that this is a sign of the strong commitments that all parties will pledge to implement the revitalized peace agreement.

“The country’s leaders must now work together to urgently end the suffering of the 7.5 million South Sudanese who are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance, including an estimated six million currently facing severe hunger. Recent flooding has put already vulnerable communities at further risk, and the arrival of swarms of locusts could affect many others. Continued progress towards lasting peace has never been more important

“South Sudanese civil society, including women activists, have ensured that the voices of the most vulnerable are included in discussions about the future of the country – often at great personal risk. They are powerful agents for change, and the unity government should ensure they can continue to contribute safely to the future of South Sudan.”

Oxfam's research on South Sudan women's role in peace

South Sudanese women activists are pushing to bring change in the country's peace but at personal risks. Their voices must be heart and centre of all decision making processes in the newly formed government. Photo: South Sudanese poet Tata Joice (Photo by Bullen ChoI/Oxfam, 2019). 

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