South Sudan crisis

South Sudan crisis

"Llegar en canoa a Nyal lleva tres días. Ir caminando habría llevado demasiado tiempo. El viaje estuvo bien. Fue tranquilo y seguro. Sé cómo de peligroso es para las mujeres recorrer largas distancias y dormir en el bosque solas. Yo, sin embargo, me sentí

How a canoe program is saving lives and livelihoods in South Sudan

Two years of extended fighting has forced thousands of people to seek refuge in Nyal and the islands surrounding it. Many must regularly walk long distances alone in search of aid and food. We are assisting them to access free and safe travel by training canoe operators and distributing vouchers for transport.

For Nyambon, peace in South Sudan means having a choice.

What peace means to South Sudan

South Sudan, 5 years after becoming independent, is facing an acute humanitarian crisis due to an ongoing conflict. Security, growth, freedom... Peace means different things across this vast country. Oxfam asked people across the country what peace means to them, hoping to show that the only way to address this crisis is to end the violence.

A South Sudanese IDP in Wau town, Western Bahr El Ghazal State, South Sudan

For farmers facing hunger in South Sudan, food is the only currency

Decades-old tensions between local famers in Wau and pastoralists from neighboring areas ignited in late 2012, leaving thousands displaced. Many of those forced to flee are farmers who relied heavily on their land for income and from whom the people of Wau relied for food.

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