UN Security Council ceasefire resolution long overdue - Oxfam reaction

Published: 1st July 2020

In reaction to the Security Council passing a resolution in support of the Secretary-General’s appeal for a global ceasefire to tackle COVID-19, Oxfam’s Head of Humanitarian Campaigns and Advocacy, Fionna Smyth, said:

 “The UN Security Council’s unanimous vote to support the UN Secretary General’s call for a global ceasefire and to help fight COVID-19 is welcome —and is long overdue.

"Their paralysis at this critical time, when peace and cooperation are needed more than ever, has made efforts to contain the global pandemic an even more daunting challenge and failed to protect the millions of people who are suffering the devastating consequences of conflict. They now face COVID-19 in countries where hospitals have been destroyed, borders are closed and humanitarian assistance is difficult to access.

 Oxfam also welcomes the Security Council’s recognition of women and young people’s critical role in the global effort to respond to the pandemic. We urgently call on governments to make sure women and young people have meaningful participation in the design and implementation of COVID-19 responses and in spaces to negotiate sustainable and inclusive peace.

 “Warring parties and all those fuelling conflict should immediately act to stop fighting and direct their resources to the desperately underfunded COVID-19 response and help to save lives now.”

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