US Senate pushes off action on climate bill, poor people continue to suffer

Published: 23rd July 2010

In reaction to the announcement that climate change legislation is delayed by the United States Senate, perhaps indefinitely, David Waskow of Oxfam, made the following statement:

"It is critical that the US pass legislation to deal with the oil spill and impacts on communities in the Gulf Coast, but the world cannot stand to hear, again, that the Senate will not act on climate change. While Senators go on their summer break, millions of poor people on the frontlines of climate change around the world can't take a break from the droughts and floods made worse by climate pollution."

"Without a commitment that the United States will work with other countries to solve the climate challenge and build resilience to its consequences, we cannot move forward globally. All eyes are on the US to show leadership. Failure on this critically important issue is just unacceptable, but the Senate has failed to match the leadership in the House and the Obama Administration has abandoned the helm."

"Time is ticking away. We urge President Obama to lead and Senators to get back to work determined to deliver legislation that cuts harmful pollution and invests in the resilience of poor communities on the front lines of climate change."


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