World Bank discontinues problematic Doing Business report: Oxfam reaction

Published: 16th September 2021

In response to the World Bank Group today issuing a statement announcing the discontinuation of its Doing Business report, Nadia Daar, Head of Oxfam International’s Washington DC Office, said

“It's a welcome move and about time the World Bank scrapped its Doing Business report, a global competitiveness index that encouraged governments to adopt destructive policies that worsen inequality, like slashing labor regulations and corporate taxes. For nearly two decades governments vying to improve their spot on the Bank’s flagship ranking have put the interests of corporations before communities and the environment.  

"The report is a stain on the Bank’s reputation as an institution mandated to reduce poverty and inequality. After allegations of data tampering and years of pushing for reform to the report’s methodology, which is outdated and riddled with problems, civil society organizations earlier this year called for its discontinuation. Today we celebrate that win. 

“As the Bank looks to develop a new way to assess countries’ business and investment climate, it is crucial that it consult widely with stakeholders including civil society. It must learn from its mistakes and take a holistic approach that includes environmental and social protections, labor rights and fair taxation. Otherwise, it will continue to cause huge damage in countries it claims to help.”

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