Blacklist or whitewash? What a real EU blacklist of tax havens should look like

Publication date: 27 November 2017
Author: Aurore Chardonnet, Johan Langerock,

Tax havens deprive countries of hundreds of billions of dollars, fuelling inequality and poverty. The EU will soon release a blacklist of tax havens operating outside the EU, and issue penalties for those appearing on it. However, power politics means that several significant tax havens could be missing from the list.

This report shows what a robust blacklist of tax havens would look like if the EU were to objectively apply its own criteria and not bow to political pressure. It also reveals four EU countries that would be blacklisted if the EU were to apply its own criteria to member states.

While the EU’s criteria are not perfect and will not capture all tax havens, they are a step in the right direction. An objective blacklist, combined with powerful countermeasures, could go a long way towards ending the era of tax havens.