Bouquets and Beans from Kenya

Exploring the links between international business and poverty reduction

Publication date: 15 May 2013
Author: Rachel Wilshaw, with contributions from Erinch Sahan, Gerry Boyle, Katie Knaggs and Neil McGregor

A large amount of the fresh produce sold in UK supermarkets is imported from developing countries. Millions of individuals supply into them as small-scale producer/growers or find employment in horticulture farms and packhouses. The workforce is often marginalized and vulnerable, with a high proportion of economic migrants leading a precarious existence.

This study was undertaken to gain an insight into poverty issues in farms that supply most major UK retailers and to identify how best International Procurement and Logistics (IPL) can integrate pro-poor strategies into its business practices. IPL has been looking at how to improve its core business practices with poverty reduction and development goals in mind.

The study and report were joint undertakings, but the report includes separate Oxfam recommendations and IPL learning points and commitments.