How Disasters Disrupt Development

Recommendations for the post-2015 development framework

Publication date: 11 December 2013
Author: Debbie Hillier, Oxfam; Katherine Nightingale, Christian Aid

Disasters have a devastating impact on development. Families lose homes, livelihoods and loved ones; communities lose businesses, jobs and services; children – particularly girls – miss school, and the list of impacts goes on. The incidence of disasters from natural hazards is increasing in every region of the world; reported weather-related disasters have tripled in 30 years.

This joint agency briefing calls for a strong commitment in the post-2015 development framework to reducing the impact of disasters. And as 2015 draws nearer it is more important than ever to make significant progress in integrating disaster risk reduction across all the key policy frameworks; including the successor to the Hyogo Framework for Action and a new international climate change agreement. Unaddressed, the impacts of climate change and disasters will place local and national progress on development at risk.


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