NGOs call for scrutiny over EU-Afghanistan agreement

Joint open letter to the European Parliament

Publication date: 27 October 2016

In a co-signed letter to the European Parliament, 27 NGOs – including Oxfam - have expressed concerns at the recently signed EU-Afghanistan deal. Scrutiny by civil society of the ‘Joint Way Forward’ was sidestepped, necessary legal procedures for concluding international agreements were not respected and the Parliament was bypassed.


The deal comprises measures for the deportation of Afghan nationals despite a reality of escalating conflict in their home country. According to the NGOs, the deal signals Europe’s willingness to adopt an approach at serious risk of undermining its obligations towards the most vulnerable.


NGOs are calling on the EU to uphold its duties and for the Parliament to take an effective role in discussions concerning bilateral agreements to ensure Europe’s respect of human rights. Equally important is the inclusion of civil society organizations in order for their concerns to be duly considered.