No one is safe from coronavirus until everyone is

Oxfam Coronavirus Response Report, June 2020

Oxfam made its coronavirus response a global institutional priority on 18 March 2020, a few days after the World Health Organisation’s formal declaration of pandemic. We are three months into a crisis and its repercussions and longevity are as yet unimaginable.

In that time, we have forged new and existing partnerships with 344 local civil society organisations across 62 countries. This network that includes all the work that Oxfam teams are implementing directly, is part of the fabric of how local communities themselves are responding in their own contexts and helping each other to adapt and survive.

Together, we have reached over 4.5m people to date. We aim to reach 14m people by raising €100m.

Our aim is to support people in the communities where they live, helping them to bolster their own resilience, develop their own strategies and resources, and lead their own recoveries. Our network reinforces the agency of the people we serve to help. Oxfam brings decades of humanitarian experience into this COVID-19 response including lessons and innovations from our work in other epidemics and crises.

Oxfam is campaigning and amplifying people’s voices on national and global stages. From the very beginning of our response, we have gathered evidence and worked to influence and change the policies and behaviors of those in positions of political and economic power, so that no-one is left behind.

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