Now or Never

Climate change: time to get down to business

Climate change affects poor people first and worst. It is a major obstacle to development and poverty alleviation, as well as a serious threat to business supply chains and markets in developing countries. Oxfam believes that companies can help to determine whether the world wins or loses the fight against climate changes.

About the report

Climate change is a global problem, requiring a global solution. Oxfam has seen first-hand the impacts that climate change can have on poor people and action is urgent.

We must keep the rise in global temperatures below 2 degrees. This means that emissions must peak and start to decline in the next decade – so we must act now to set the world on a low-carbon path. Coordinated international action is essential.

Key recommendations

2009 is a crucial year. World leaders are meeting in Copenhagen in December to agree on the next steps. Oxfam is calling on them to reach a fair and safe deal.

Every business must join the fight against climate change. Companies large and small can take steps to ensure that they reduce their own contribution to climate change and encourage.

Oxfam calls on businesses to take these measures:

  • Ask governments to go further than they have gone so far.
  • Set absolute targets for their emissions reductions – and meet them.
  • Help to reduce the impact of climate change on poor people.