A shot at recovery

Measuring corporate commitments towards a free, fair, and accessible COVID-19 vaccine

Publication date: 22 April 2021
Author: Oxfam

COVID anywhere is COVID everywhere. That’s why we need a People’s Vaccine: patent-free, mass produced, distributed fairly, and made available free of charge, to every individual, rich and poor alike, around the world. To protect everyone, everywhere, corporations must commit to openly sharing their vaccine technology to enable billions of doses to be made as soon as possible at the lowest possible price.

Amidst troubling opacity, especially on purchasing agreements and vaccine prices, we found that the commitments made by the five leading US-funded vaccine developers highlighted in this brief are far from what is needed. To address this unprecedented global crisis, we need corporations and governments to do everything in their power to deliver a free, fair and accessible COVID-19 vaccine a People’s Vaccine.