The world must back peace, not war, to put an end to civilian suffering in Yemen

Publication date: 4 July 2018
Author: Sultana Begum

Hudaydah's residents are already some of the worst affected in the country by hunger and malnutrition. They now face a rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation, despite a reported pause in the military advance to the sea port and city, and a recent reduction in the fighting. Most areas have no electricity.

Whole neighbourhoods have no water, as pipes have been damaged – raising the fear that cholera could once again grip the city. Dozens of businesses have closed, including those providing milk, oil, margarine and cereals. Thousands have fled their homes because they fear a street war like in Taiz.

While all parties fighting refuse to compromise, Yemen's civilians are paying the price. As the Hudaydah offensive moves closer to the sea port and city, world leaders have a choice to put their full backing behind peace to bring an end to this crisis, or oversee a potential humanitarian catastrophe.