• Water crisis in Burkina Faso

    Water crisis in Burkina Faso: a struggle for every drop

    9 March 2020
  • A child at a tap stand in Hassansham camp, Iraq. Credit: Tegid Cartwright/Oxfam

    Water and sanitation

    21 September 2019
  • onl_16966_niger_yagana.jpg

    Building climate change resilience in Niger to keep hunger away

    11 December 2018
  • Felicia Ayaawin draws water from the well Oxfam’s partner installed near her home in Kpatua.

    Oxfam’s solar energy project lights up a rural village in Ghana

    31 May 2018
  • Habodo outside her shelter with two of her children, Habiiba* (3 ½ months) and Saafi* (6), near Bisle, Siti Zone, Ethiopia.

    Drought and Displacement: how people are surviving in Ethiopia

    16 February 2016