poverty. water and sanitation

poverty. water and sanitation

Aid in limbo: why Syrians deserve support to rebuild their lives

The crisis in Syria is entering its ninth year. With a reduction in active violence, there is a need to consider how the aid response is best meeting the needs of conflict-affected Syrians. This paper explores the changes that are needed to adapt the response to deliver the support Syrians themselves want.
Khalil Al-Najjar, a fisherman at Khanyounis anchorage, Southern Gaza. Photo: Hussam Salem/Oxfam

Israel tightens Gaza blockade, civilians bear the brunt

Over half the population of Gaza lives under the poverty line, and one million Palestinians in Gaza don’t have enough food to feed their families.This joint agency briefing calls for an immediate end to the blockade and opening crossings into and out of Gaza.
Hassana, 25, from Nigeria, holds her 11-month-old daughter Fanta outside the small makeshift shelter in which they live in north eastern Niger.

West Africa: the plights of a forgotten crisis

Ongoing conflict with Boko Haram, across West Africa’s Lake Chad Basin region, has forced more than 2.6 million people to flee terrifying violence in Nigeria, Niger and Chad. Having left everything behind, their homes ruined and their lives completely disrupted, they live in extreme vulnerability. You can help.

Baby being examined for malnutrition in Niger

Overcoming Malnutrition in Niger

Oxfam is engaged in an ambitious three year program to address the underlying causes of malnutrition and tackle the tragedy which is estimated to be the cause of nearly half of all child deaths in Niger.

Water prices are up and accessibility of clean water is down in Juba, South Sudan. Photo credit: Oxfam South Sudan

Clean water runs dry in Juba, South Sudan

In South Sudan, only 55% of the people have access to safe drinking water. And due to increased costs of production, water providers in Juba are producing less and charging more, squeezing people’s access to safe water even further.

Abdi Ahmed Jamaa and his son collecting water for their animals from a rehabilitated barkad. Photo by TARDO/Oxfam

Clean water – renewed hope in a Somali village

Access to clean and safe water is difficult in Bowdha Dogore village in Adado district, Somalia, where Abdi Ahmed Jamaa, together with his 14 children and two wives reside. Oxfam partnered with TARDO and have been rehabilitating water cisterns (barkads).

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