How do we get the poorest and most vulnerable people of Nepal well-prepared for earthquakes? How does a cash assistance program work? From sanitation and clean water to getting more girls into school, our teams on the ground are working endlessly to achieve effective and lasting change for people feeling the pain of poverty. Watch how a day in their lives is.
Every day, in every country in the world, women face discrimination and inequality. Achieving gender justice is not only a matter of basic rights. It’s also a key means of overcoming poverty. Whether we are responding to an emergency or working on long terms projects, we put women’s rights at the heart of all we do.
As the cyclone and monsoon season approches in Bangladesh, Oxfam is working hard to provide emergency aid and help Rohingya refugee families prepare for a disaster. Credit: Maruf Hasan/Oxfam

Vulnerable Rohingya refugees living in makeshift camps in Bangladesh now face further disaster, as monsoon rains are causing floods and landslides and increase the risk of deadly disease. Oxfam is racing against time to improve hygiene, sanitation and water delivery, and prepare families in the face of the storms. You can help.

Our commitment to safeguarding

How we are protecting those we work with.

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